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School Board

Our School Board is comprised of our Principal, Priest, parishioners, parents, and local community members. They meet once a month on the first Thursday of every month. 

Meet our Board Members 

Priest: Father Tom

Principal: Karen Gostomski

School Board Vice Chair Person

School Board Chairperson

School Board Secretary

School Board Treasurer

School Board Trustee: Lisa Smith

My name is Lisa Smith. I chose to serve on the St. Michael school board to assist in making sound decisions for the good of the students and staff. I am proud to serve on the board as we have three generations within my family of attendance to the school. I have a lot of good memories with the St. Michael community and want the same for the children attending there and for years to come. 

School Board Trustee: Dee Powell

I am a St. Michael Alumni and currently a parent to one student and two future students. I was born and raised in Remus and have settled down in nearby Blanchard to raise my family with my husband Chris. 

When I joined the school board I did so to ensure I was engaged and involved in decisions that directly impacted my children's wellbeing, future, education and day to day activities.  St. Michaels started off as the best choice for education but has quickly become so much more than that. The staff, the students, the entity, the community and the parish make it the obvious choice when we look for the best place to learn, grow and raise our future generations.


Since joining in 2023 I have enjoyed seeing the school flourish and develop in a way that benefits the students, staff and community.  I look forward to continuing to do this for all parties involved. We have a great team currently and are always looking for more members or insight. We are focused on growing our student body, innovating the learning and advancing our students to the best of their abilities. We work hand in hand with other groups, organizations and parishioners regularly.


I am open to discussing, learning and reviewing any and all topics related to the school. Please reach out if you would like to do so, or even better come to one of our monthly meetings and share first hand your opinions and experiences with us to make our job and decisions more vetted and well rounded.

Meeting Minutes

January 2023 - Meeting Rescheduled

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