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Our Mission

St. Michael Catholic School is committed to providing students with an exemplary education centered on traditional Catholic values, inspiring them to walk with God, learn, grow, and serve. 

Diocese of Grand Rapids Curriculum Standards


The call to a New Evangelization is at the heart of all ministerial initiatives within the Diocese of Grand Rapids, including Catholic schools. This curriculum framework aims to assist schools  in bringing about a renewed commitment to know and love Jesus and the Church.  

Students use inquiry to develop an understanding of the sciences. Problem-solving through inquiry beyond the traditional science classroom and analyzing scientific discovery using technology, students demonstrate scientific curiosity and confidence in their ability to discuss scientific issues from the Catholic perspective. 

The study of literature and language provides students opportunities to analyze works that reflect the transmission of a Catholic culture, as well as uncover authentic Truth and contribute to the strengthening of one’s own moral character. With emphasis on expanding literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills necessary for lifelong learning, the English language arts expose students to a variety of cultural perspectives necessary in the development of one’s role in advocating for the common good within a global world.

Social Studies enables students to be informed, thoughtful, and responsible citizens of our society, using their Catholic lens to discern moral decisions for the common good. Students exercise the rights and responsibilities of participatory citizenship, by possessing a comprehensive knowledge base in social studies, which will encompass historical, geographic, civic, economic, psychological, and sociological points of view from a Catholic perspective.

The study of mathematics provides a foundation of logic, reasoning and calculation skills and an experience in current technology to enable students to succeed in their earthly vocations, whether or not they are within the mathematical field. Students exhibit appreciation for the ongoing nature of mathematical inquiry, as well as humility at knowing that as human beings we can only grasp a portion of the truths of the universe.

Students experience God’s beauty through His gifts of the musical and visual arts. Students develop understanding, appreciation and creation of the fine arts for lifelong learning.

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