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Calendar Updates     

November       4                      Virtus Training – St. Michael @ 6 p.m. in Rm 6

                        15                    No bus or hot lunch

                        20 & 21           Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC) 3:30 – 6:30 p.m.

                        27 – 29            Thanksgiving Break


YES, St. Michael School is in session Nov. 15th. Sorry I did not catch that before our menu went home. 


Boys Basketball: Practices will begin soon for boys in grades 4 – 5- 6.  Boys and girls need physicals before they can practice. Boys’ first game is Dec. 2nd.  Jim Kremsreiter will coach, and he welcomes an assistant to join him.


Virtus Training: CHANGE OF LOCATION: There will be a Protecting God’s Children training session on Nov. 4th held at St. Michael School.  Kris Beers told me she will preregister anyone arriving before 6 p.m. tonight. She will have one of our computers up & running. All adults need this training to volunteer in our school or to chaperone/drive on field trips.

Go to  www.virtus.org  and register if interested.


Social Justice Members: We have a request from this parish program.  Some members are going to Haiti to visit our sister parish and would like to take dolls of color for children.  They ask that the brown or black skin dolls be 12 inches or less and be washable. They will accept donations now through January. Dolls may be brought to our school office.  Thank you!


Mass Days: The 1st & 2nd  graders will be planning the 9 a.m. Mass. Please join us!


Fifth & Sixth Graders: How often do we tell our children how special they are?  I wish you could see how the older students help the younger students.  The older ones are bus buddies to younger students.  Often you can see older ones playing with the younger ones.  The 5th grade girls have been dancing with the smaller children on inside recess days. Now you know why you have been hearing “YMCA” and the “Chicken Dance” tunes at home! This class was in charge of Mass last Friday, and the students did an outstanding job.  So let me go on record by saying in this newsletter, “Our 5th & 6th graders are very special people!”


Hats & Mittens: Please make sure your child has a hat & mittens in his/her backpack for recesses. 


Nov 6, 2013, 6:17 AM