Newsletter 9-23-13

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Calendar Updates


October          4          Grandparents/VIP Day


Concussion Awareness & Acknowledgement Form: Please find in today’s home folders two forms.  The informational form is for your keeping, and the concussion awareness form must be signed by each student and parent.  Good news!  This form does not have to be renewed each school year.  It is good for the duration of your child’s time at our school.


Delays & Cancellations: St. Michael School follows Chippewa Hills' delays and cancellations.  If they are closed, we are closed.  Sometimes the television will list our name, and sometimes they do not.  I am thankful the transportation director and

Mrs. Howard make those calls and not me!  I am also thankful for the fine job the bus drivers are doing.  I do not want that job!


Grandparents/VIP Day: Because it is quickly approaching, please email Marie Chapman if you could donate muffins for grandparents, students, and staff. 

Agenda: The day begins with Mass in church at 9 a.m.  Guest will go to the cafeteria for refreshments with students.  Visits to classrooms will follow.  When the children go to lunch at 11 a.m. visitors will be ask to say good bye.  I ask that all students remain in school for afternoon classwork.  Preschoolers are invited to come to church with grandparents, visit the school, and go home with grandparents.  Book fair will be held during Catholic School Week.

Pictures: Students will be able to get pictures taken with guests.  Order forms will be available this day.


Mass Days: This Friday the 5th and 6th graders will be planning Friday’s 9 a.m. Mass. Everyone is welcome to join us!  


Off Code this Wednesday, September 25th.


Absent Students: Please call the school office in the morning to let us know your child is absent and the reason.  Mrs. McCall has reports she has to submit to the Mecosta Health Dept. and it helps to know if students have the flu, doctor’s appointment, etc.


Fates’ Food Receipts & Country Corner Receipts: Mrs. McCall is accepting these in the office.  Last year playground equipment and school supplies were ordered from the points we accumulated. Thank you.


Campbell Soup Labels/Box Tops: Our annual contest will begin soon!  Save those labels and box tops for your child’s classroom. I heard Mr. Lobert will try to regain the championship!



Pizza Sale: The Home & School pizza sale begins today.  Order forms are going home in Monday folders today.  Order forms are due back by October 11th  at the latest because i have to submit the final order on October 14th. Our delivery date is October 17th at 10am. I am going to bring some materials to you on Tuesday when i drop Archer off to see what you would like to send h
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