Newsletter 9-16-13

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Calendar Updates

October          4          Grandparents/VIP Day


Home & School Meeting: I heard Mrs. Hansen and Mr. Lobert’s presentations were enjoyed by all.  Mr. Lobert was excited to use some of Mrs. Hansen’s information from the meeting!  Thank Marie Chapman for leading our organization this year. Watch for information regarding pizza sales.


Parent Student Handbook: I heard from a few parents that they did not receive a copy of the handbook. Remember to send back a signed copy of the last page, “Receipt of Handbook.”  If you do not want to print one, Mrs. McCall has one in the office to sign.  Please return this by Sept. 16th.  Thank you.


Mass Days: This Friday the 1st and 2nd  graders will be planning Friday’s 9 a.m. Mass. Everyone is welcome to join us!   


Absent Students: Please call the school office in the morning to let us know your child is absent and the reason.  Mrs. McCall has reports she has to submit to the Mecosta Health Dept. and it helps to know if students have the flu, doctor’s appointment, etc.


Email addresses: If you would like to receive information from the school office by email, please get Mrs. McCall your addresses. Did you get the handbook and Time/Talent information that was sent by email?  Need a hard copy?


Latchkey/Day Care: Amy Fiegel is offering a Latchkey program after school. She also runs a day care during the day at our school.  You may contact her at 989- 289- 5241 for details.  All are welcome.


VIRTUS Training: Adult training in our area: Go to On left choose registration.  Choose view list of sessions and pick Saginaw, MI Diocese.  There are several for Mt. Pleasant.  There are some listed in the Grand Rapids Diocese but none as close as Sacred Heart, Mt. Pleasant. Volunteers must have this class.  Even drivers for field trips must complete this class. 

Sep 19, 2013, 9:30 AM