Newsletter 2-10-14

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No Home & School Meeting: The Feb. 11 meeting is being rescheduled for the fish fry prep meeting.  Watch for date & meeting time from Julie Judge.  I want to thank Marie & Julie for appreciating all of our parents’ & staff’s time.  We could meet because we were scheduled to, but fish fry is the main topic we need to focus on, so why not meet at prep time?  Sounds good to me!


Private School Aid Service (PSAS):  Reminder message from the diocese: PSAS applications are due (at PSAS, not your school) on or before March 1 in order for them to be considered for the Bishop’s Scholarship. Applications received after March 1 will not be considered for the Bishop’s Scholarship, but will still be processed so those families can be reviewed for school and/or parish assistance. Important Note: PSAS applications do not have to be COMPLETED by that time. It is best to mail in an incomplete application if it is the only way to meet the deadline.


Presidents’ Weekend: No school Friday, Feb. 14th & Monday, Feb. 17th.


Book Fair: Thank you Mrs. Johnston & volunteers for bringing the book fair to our school!


Boys Basketball:  Congratulations to our boys’ basketball team on a successful season.  If the goal was to learn about basketball and everyone improve his skills while having fun, then you were successful! Please thank Jim Kremsreiter for coaching this year when you see him.  He did a great job with our boys! 


Box Tops & Soup Labels Contest:  Second Prize Hint:  Winning is sweet! Off code every Wednesday in February.


Songfest: Our third/fourth graders will be performing March 13th @ 7:00 p.m. at West Catholic Elementary School in Grand Rapids.    

Snow Day Packets: Remember last week I shared my experience about doing 2 snow day packets when Grandma & Grandpa Schoner had grandchildren Jan. 27th & 28th? As I was helping with some of the work, I thought about turning the experience into a multiple question test! Guess my response to this statement:
    We are making up snow days by doing Snow Day packets. A. Whose stupid idea was this? B. Learning is fun!             C. You forgot your AR book! Now what do we do? D. Grandpa, it’s your turn!  My answer is all of the above!  We played games to support math skills, and even though we had a good time, it was nice relaxing when they went home!  The AR book had to be read after supper at home.


Parent Teacher Conferences: The conferences scheduled for Feb. 19 & 20 will be optional.  They will be scheduled between parents & teachers.  On the report card envelope is an area where either parents or teachers may request a conference.  If you would like to schedule a conference check the box and a teacher will contact you.  Teachers will contact parents if they request a conference.  This is the first year we have tried this, so please let me or your child’s teacher know how you feel regarding this option.