K-Sixth Grade

School uniforms promote respect for individuals, develop good personal habits, and enhance self-esteem while providing an environment that reflects our Catholic tradition, our mission statement and our school pride.

All clothing must fit properly: neither too tight nor too loose. Uniforms must provide enough coverage so that students may sit, stand, bend-over, play, etc. without skin showing at the waist. Clothing is not to be torn, frayed, or stained.


  • Pants
    • Navy or khaki uniform pants (flat front or pleated)
    • Dark Navy Blue Jeans (subject to change at anytime during the year)
    • No jeans when students attend mass
    • No cargo pants, top stitching, exterior pockets, rivets, decorations, fading, design, studs, tears, holes, rips, leggings, skinny jeans or jeggings etc.
  • Shorts 
    • Allowed August through the month of September and April through June. Weather permitting. Please use your best judgement.
    • Navy or khaki Bermuda style uniform shorts (flat front or pleated)
    • No shorter than 2” above the knee
  • Jumper/Skirt
    • Navy or khaki uniform style.
    • Must be knee length
  • Scooter/Skort
    • Navy or khaki uniform style
    • No shorter than 2” above the knee
  • Shirts
    • Solid color: red, navy or white
    • Standard dress shirt or polo shirt, long or short sleeve
    • Layering of shirts in code colors is acceptable (i.e. long sleeve white shirt underneath a short sleeve shirt)
  • Sweaters/Sweatshirts (to wear during classroom time, Mass, etc.)
    • Solid color: red, navy, white
    • V-neck, crew neck, cardigan, quarter zip, and vest allowed
    • Collared shirt is to be worn under the sweater/sweatshirt
    • No fleece or hoodies
  • Shoes
    • Tennis shoes, sneakers, dress shoes
    • No sandals, flip-flops, crocs, Heelys, clogs, or shoes with heels over one inch (1”)
    • No flashing lights on inside shoes
    • Separate indoor and outdoor shoes
  • Socks
    • Mostly navy, red, black or white
  • Tights/Leggings
    • Solid color, navy, red, black or white. No designs or patterns in color or material
    • Must wear socks with leggings.
    • Leggings cannot be worn as pants
  • Miscellaneous
    • No tattoos (including temporary), body piercings, makeup
    • No jewelry except for watches and religious articles worn under the clothing (scapular, cross, etc.)
    • No unnatural hair coloring (pink, red, blue, etc.); no hair extensions
    • Hair must be clean and neatly groomed: washed regularly and combed/brushed before school
    • Stud earrings only
    • Hair bands must be small with no extra ornamentation

Off-Code Days

  • Shirts/tops must have sleeves. No tank tops or spaghetti straps. No midriffs showing.
  • Printed Tee: positive or neutral messages only; nor reference to alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Pants: No holes, pajama bottoms, sweatpants, baggy style pants, leggings or jeggings. 

Additional Uniform Information

  • Local retailers that offer official school uniforms include:
  • Target, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, J.C. Penney, and Meijer
  • Local retailers that offer our school logo:
    • A Design in Time: Jill Sharp (989) 330-8393
    • Hangin’ By a Thread: Deana (989) 644-5738
  • Online retailers that offer our school logo:

Students who arrive at school not in the official uniform will receive the following disciplinary actions.

  • First Offense: Written notice will be sent home to be sign by parent/guardian.
  • Second Offense: Parent/Guardian will be called to bring uniform from home.
  • Third Offense: Parent/Guardian will be called to bring uniform from home and have a conference with the principal.

Please do no subject your student to unnecessary delays in his/her classroom instruction due to time spent resolving uniform issues.

St. Michael School staff and administration reserves the right to make additional individual judgment regarding personal attire that creates safety issues or distraction within the educational environment.