Here At St. Michael                                  

we pride ourselves on a learning environment that is geared toward the individual.  Because our classes are limited to 25 students, we can focus on different learning styles and utilize a variety of teaching techniques.  Our school is fully accredited and offers these additional curriculum programs that help shape the whole student:

-         Art

-         Music

-         Spanish

-         Library

-         Computer Technology


 St. Michael School offers various services that enhance the health and well-being of our students.  These include:

-         Family/Child Psychologist

-         Teacher Consultant

-         Vision and Hearing Screening


 In keeping with our belief in the well-rounded student, St. Michael's offers the following programs:

-         Boys Basketball

-         Girls Basketball and Volleyball

-         Science Fair

-         RIF (Reading is Fundamental)

-         Scouting

-      Special Assemblies