Time & Talent

Volunteer Descriptions

Room parent:  Each grade has two room parents who help the teachers with the holiday parties (Halloween, Christmas and Valentines).  Usually, they assign each child to bring in one treat/drink/snack for one of the parties and help with craft and games. This volunteer also may be the parent contact for any additional needs the teacher may have.

Grandparents Day:  Coordinate and serve refreshments for the grandparents and help the photographer sign people in for pictures.    

Book Fair:  In conjunction with Grandparents Day (and a day or two before, if needed for set-up.)  Work with our librarian to help with book purchases on Grandparents day in the library.

Student Christmas Shopping:  Help the students pick out gifts in our “School Santa Shop” and assist with wrapping/labeling.  Committee chair acquires and organizes gifts, calls workers to help on shopping day.

Staff Luncheon:  During Catholic Schools Week.  Assist in serving the staff lunch, decorating, and/or filling in for various staff members while they are enjoying lunch.  (playground, kitchen, phones).  Committee chair picks menu, organizes workers for decorating, working and/or preparing the lunch.

Celebration of the Arts:  We need parents who can hang artwork during the day for a few days before the evening celebration.

Fish Fry Committee:  We are all expected to work at least 4 fish fries.  You will be contacted to sign up for shifts after the first of the year.

Elephant Ear Wagon:  Chairperson will order the supplies, set up the signup sheet and commit to staying out at Wheatland to oversee the operation.  As with Fish Fry, this event needs lots of hands to make it work!  (Besides, you can’t beat the music and people watching!) We are all expected to help with this activity.   These shifts are now filled online with Signup Genius.

Pizza Sales:  Chairperson needs to schedule pizza sales with Little Caesers Pizza, place orders and help with the delivery day.  Committee members needed who can help organize and help with delivery day.

Soup Labels/Box Tops:  Cut and organize labels/box tops. 

Concessions Coordinator:  Purchase concession needs for sporting events.

Yearbook: We are in need of committee members to collect/upload pictures throughout the year.

Alleluia Auction: Parish event with a goal of making parish improvements (paid off debt of parish center, church roof fund, replacing school roof, replaced flooring in parish center, senior scholarship, tuition assistance,  etc.)   Call Neil Maneke if interested in helping out or for more details.

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Please place a checkmark in any activity(s) you can help with, or would like to volunteer to chair.

If you have any questions please call the office or Marie Chapman at 989-621-5819 or chapmanmariec@hotmail.com

Activities requiring daytime commitment:

Room parents (2 per grade) - grade:  _________





Grandparents Day

Fri 10/2



Book Fair

Fri 10/2



Fluoride Distribution


Student Christmas Shopping

Dec 03


Celebration of the Arts

May   19



Pizza Sales



Catholic Schools Week




Staff Luncheon



Library Helper

As needed



Poinsettia Sales




Popcorn Fridays

Fri am



Staff Appreciation





Activities requiring evening time commitment:






Fish Fry



Elephant Ear Wagon



Alleluia Auction

Sat 10/24


Soup Labels/Box Tops



Receipts–Country Corner/Fates








Concessions helper



Please list any special interests or talents that you may have that would benefit our students or school: